Preparation branch

The Preparation and Coordination Branch carries out a pivotal responsibility in the academic process in the RJNDC, as it is tasked with preparing documents, researches, studies, and summaries. It also provides learners at RJNDC with the necessary secretarial services (typing, translation, revision of work product, production, photocopying, maps, reference books, and computer needs).

The Branch is headed by a colonel and is organized into main sections including those for preparation, translation, revision, computer, typing, production, photocopying, maps, and a specialized library. Its staff members are well qualified to satisfy the needs and requirements of studies and learners.

Electronic System
  • In order to serve the learning process, the College is equipped with very modern audio–visual electronic systems both in the main and group halls of study.
  • The internet service is also made available for the students whether in the halls of study, their offices, or their quarters in order for them to have an easy access to the information needed for their studies or researches.

Internal Communication System (Intranet)
  • This system is intended to connect the various branches and sections of the College to facilitate the communication process and the use of the electronic mail.
  • The RJNDC has established an “audio-video conference” system that can communicate with others in-country or abroad, in order to facilitate interaction and contribute to the ease of dialogue with others and participation in international activities. Therefore, the College intends to have, through this capability, direct links with international defense colleges, strategic studies and research centers, universities, national libraries, and other similar institutions to the maximum extent possible.

Electronic Acoustic System and Control System
The College has such systems in order to facilitate and organize the discussion and dialogue process and interaction in the halls of study.

Instantaneous Translation System

This service is intended to help the students comprehend the lectures, seminars, conferences, and all academic activities occurring in foreign languages and, consequently, participate in such events.

Closed-Circuit TV System for Recording and Transmission
This is a system meant to provide the College with the capability to record and document all available academic material and retrieve such material whenever needed.

Data Show
The College provides this service to help lecturers and students alike to give their lectures through the use of computers, data show system, and laser screens.

Electronic Archival System
This system is used in the library to enable the students to have access to it from any place in the College.

Lap Top Computer
The College provides each student with a lap-top computer (note book) to use throughout the course.