Parallel Studies Program

To complement the RJNDC’s massage in preparing and qualifying select national leadership elements for higher positions, the policy demands the preparation and execution of appropriate programs for special limited sections of these elements. This is especially done to broaden the scope of effectiveness and to increase the degree of efficiency in spreading the national defense education through short, varied programs implemented throughout the year in lines parallel to the National Defense Course.

These programs are designed and directed to establish communication (intellectual and scientific) of the specialized aspects that are represented by certain sections with the strategic dimensions of Jordanians security and defense.

National Defense College seeks to reach the following Groups:

  • Jordanian diplomats
  • Makers of Public Opinion
  • Annual Venue of Jordanian Ambassadors abroad
  • Secretary Generals of ministries
  • General Managers of Independent Foundations and Departments
  • Governors
  • Private Sector Key Figures
  • Presidents of Jordanian universities and faculty members
  • Senior Officers of security apparatus
  • Armed forces senior officers
  • Royal Jordanian National Defense College graduates forum
  • All Jordan Youth Commission

RJNDC grants a certificate of appreciation as a scholar member in the Royal Jordanian National Defense College.