College Facilities

College Clinic
The RJNDC provides treatment for normal cases and first aide treatment for emergency cases. Other cases are transferred to the main military medical facilities in the area.

College Officers Mess
The RJNDC Officers Mess is adequately furnished to make the students, Faculty members, and Staff members feel comfortable. The Mess serves meals to all subscribers for nominal prices. 

General Services
The RJNDC also provides students, Faculty members, and staff members with other personal services through the laundry facility, barbershop, tailors, and communications section available in the college. 

Services of Residence for Non-Jordanian
The RJNDC makes sure that all non-Jordanian students are well taken care of, especially in matters related to reception at the point of entry (airport), official residence documents, car ownership, house renting, schools for children, medical care, travel, and farewell upon departure at the end of the course.

Secretarial Services
The RJNDC provides students with all necessary secretarial services related to research papers such as typing, editing and revising, photocopying, production, and covering and binding. This is done as a service to the educational process in the College.

The RJNDC has a mosque to enable all students, Faculty members, and others to perform their prayers there. 

The RJNDC expects students and Faculty members to fully adhere to all military security rules and standards of the Jordanian Armed Forces, whether these rules and instructions are related to individuals, materiel, or information