Studies and Research

Research Name
Researcher Name
Jordanian diplomatic role in regional relations since the second Gulf crisis
Jordanian statecraft
Terrorism and trying to tie with the Islamic religion
Western vision of Islam, reality and possibilities
Democratization and Jordanian population national strategy until 2030
Strategic planning and time management
Restructuring of the public sector and its relationship with the administrative reform
Terrorism from Islamic Perspective
International law between the force and the balance of interests
Democracy in Jordan between reality and ambition
Food security in Jordan and its role in political decision-independence
Energy bill and its impact on the state general budget
The role of knowledge management in raising efficiency
The impact of globalization on the Arab community
Assessment the reality of retired military establishment
Arab common market in the era of globalization
Arab media in light of the challenges of globalization
Human rights in the Arab world, the reality and ambitions
Foreign workers and their impact on the national economy
Arab League and the Arab nationalist aspirations
Cultural invasion and its impact on young people's behavior
National Education and its role in promoting national belonging
Terrorism and trying to link it to religion
methodology of Islam and strategy to address the economic crisis
Administrative decentralization and its applications in Jordan
Regional cooperation in the management of disasters and crises
Arab immigrants in Europe between integration and alienation
Importance of psychological and media operations in the wars of the future
Political parties in Jordan and its impact on decision-making
Social and economic impacts of the cellular communications on the Jordanian society
Money laundering and its impact on the economy in the Arab world
The role of the armed forces in the preservation of the environment
Concept of terrorism and its impact as a new design or style
The investment climate in Jordan
Privatization and its impact on the Jordanian economy
Conflict over water in the Middle East
Projects a political settlement to the issue of Jerusalem
The new strategy for NATO outside the alliance and its impact on the Middle East
Technology and Development in Jordan
Resources and environment of the Dead Sea and the importance of maintaining it
Food security of the Arab nation
The work of international organizations with peace operations forces and dealing with it
International terrorism and the repercussions of the eleventh of September
United Europe in the new millennium
Globalization and its impact on Third World countries
Internet and its impact on society
Economic importance of the Aqaba area after converted into a special economic zone
Environmental pollution in Jordan and the ways to confront it
The interests of the Third World countries in the new world order
Unemployment and its impact on crime and ways to combat it
Constraints of the Arab economy and its impact on the Jordanian economy
Jordanian debt
The future of Jordanian-Palestinian relations
Privatization and its impact on the Jordanian economy
Joint free zones and their impact on the Jordanian economy
Desertification in Jordan
management in Islam
Juvenile delinquency and its impact on the social reality in Jordan
Jordanian economy in peace
Role of the United Nations in resolving international conflicts
Water in Jordan, reality and aspirations
Money laundering and the smuggling of money and its impact on the national economy
Water resources and their impact on the future of the region
Unemployment and of the National Strategy to combat it
Narcotic Drugs, the diseases of societies in the world
Constraints of Arab economic integration
Development Jordan Badia and projects proposed for the establishment
Jordanian-Palestinian relationship between reality and aspirations
World Order and its effects on the Middle East
The role of the Jordanian Armed Forces in the overall national development
Unemployment, foreign workers and its impact on national security
Environmental pollution and the national strategy to confront it
Unemployment causes and characteristics and its economic and social impact
Administrative Development in Jordan between the present and the future
Jordan's economic strategy until the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century
Pollution and preservation of the environment and the importance of ecological balance in Jordan
Jordan's economic strategy until 2005
The pivotal role of Jordan as a stabilizing factor in the Middle East
Technology in Jordan
WTO GATT and the future of Arab economic development, especially Jordan
Jordan national strategy until 2010
Jordan's national strategy for the nineties, reality and aspirations
Hashemite leadership in the modern era
Towards Agricultural Strategy in Jordan
Second Gulf War1991
Islamic dimension of the Great Arab Revolt
Democratic trend in Jordan and its impact on the Arab countries
Training between theory and practice in the prevailing circumstances
Management Strategy
National Service
Philosophy of Training
Leadership in the Arab and Islamic heritage
Terrorism and its combat domestically and internationally
Impact of morale on the battlefield
Leadership / Management
Time Management
Great Arab Revolt a nation starting