The Greater Amman Municipality Mayor lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The Greater Amman Municipality Mayor lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


Yousef al –shawarbeh emphausized that Greater Amman Municipality is an institution has an administrative and financial Independence managed by a specialized council headed by the Mayor of Amman, who is responsible for making future plans for the city, whether for citizens or investors.

Al-Shawarba highlighted the plans and programs of municipality to address the challenges facing the city, including the challenge of traffic congestion, which must develop appropriate solutions for it. A short-term strategic plan was developed including the development of the public transport system by establishing a company owned by municipality  and purchasing  buses this year. Long-term strategic plan of bus project pointing attention at signing an understanding memorandum for studying the construction of a light rail.

He pointed out the importance of new legislation in line with the modernity of the state and the city. A special draft law for the Municipality of Amman has been submitted to the Council of Ministers, which reflects our aspirations and enables the institution to perform the required tasks in serving the city and creating the investment environment in which some legislation has become inappropriate for investment, in addition to an Act to amend the Professional Code to include a proposal to renew the licenses of some professions for  three years.

He mentioned that the unified inspection law will enter into effect soon in order to consolidate the inspection works on all sectors, where the mechanism of work and inspection will be within the plan and program of action clearly away from randomness and mood.

He riveted to the cancellation about 200 administrative procedures to simplify, engineering and automating procedures to stimulate the investment environment according to the plan and program prepared for this purpose, and to achieve a qualitative shift in the services provided to citizens.

Al-Shawaraba announced about start-up investment arm for the municipality in general and in the sectors of transport, real estate development, service and tourism based on the study of market and city needs and the compatibility between them and selecting the implementation of projects based on the economic feasibility study and then marketing it and providing appropriate infrastructure for investment and enter partnerships to establish investment projects serve the city and providing the city's modern requirements such as creating a entertainment city.

The municipality is currently working on the project of electronic transformation, which provides all information and transactions of interest to the citizen electronically in order to facilitate transactions on the citizen and investor so that the audit process of the institution electronically through its website in addition to  execution a draft of special law considers the first which has been submitted to the Council of Ministers aims to serve the city and its inhabitants providing all possible facilities to them.

At the end of the lecture, which was attended by the Commandant of RJNDC, directing staff  and scholars in the national defense Courses 15 and the War course 24, which include a number of officers of the armed forces, security services, officials of the state and a number of Arab and foreign students, Greater Amman Municipality Mayor answered  scholars questions and inquiries .