Karaki lectures at RJNDC


Karaki lectures at RJNDC


On Monday, Dr. Khaled Al-Karaki delivered a lecture at RJNDC titled " Jordanian National Personality" in which he spoke about the most important characteristics of the national personality.

Saying that the basic factors in building the national character of the people and the state are represented in geography, which considers the only constant in the location of a people on the map of the world and the factor of history and time in addition to human.

He indicates that the characteristics of national character ranged between tolerance, determination and creation, explaining the changes and developments that have refined the national character throughout history since the establishment of the Jordan till now.

Dr. Al-Karaki pointed out in his lecture, in which he gave in the presence of commandant of RJNDC Brigadier General Nasser Mohammad Al-Muhairat, the directing staff and the scholars  from friendly and sister countries in Defense course 15 and War course 24s, that Jordanian characteristics derived its advantages from constants of the Great Arab Revolt mixed with originality and spaciousness of the Jordanian people affected by the features of Hashemite leadership and its religious legitimacy.

At the end of the lecture, the guest speaker responded to the questions and queries of the scholars expressing his admiration for the high level of the scholars of the course.