General Director of Special Communication Commission lectures at RJDNC


General Director of Special Communication Commission lectures at RJDNC

General Director of Special Communication Commission Brigadier Eng. Ali Sharari Al-Asaf said that Special Communication Commission according with its law has a legal personality with financial and With financial and administrative independence and may sue and be prosecuted. The financial department of the Jordanian Armed Forces is responsible for all financial matters related to the Commission. This came during a lecture on Monday at RJDNC for scholar of Defense Course 24 and War Course 15 entitled "Special Communication Commission and its role in serving the telecommunications sector in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in military and civilian  sectors.”

Brigadier Eng. Indicates that the Special Communications Commission is responsible for planning, designing, construction, management, maintenance and development of the expanded joint microprocessor project, expanding its services and carrying out all related work within its networks, and ensure communications to all its beneficiaries. The Commission cooperates with ministries, departments public and private institutions in all matters leading to the fulfillment of its responsibilities and achieving its objectives.

In addition to securing and maintaining the primary communication networks through which secures all communications requirements of His Majesty and the Royal Palaces are secured. Commission also secures certain communications networks and circuits are maintained with all their uses for the General Command and its units.

Al-Assaf added that the Commission has completed several major projects, such as linking the Royal Palaces with each other and with General Directorate, Northeast Region Communications Project - Border Security, Border Security Project and Renewable Energy Projects which came under the directives of the General Command of Jordanian Armed Forces / Arab Army. In order to Commission attention to keep up with modern developments and in line with the State's policy of exploiting renewable sources of energy and rationalizing the use of electricity.

At the end of the lecture, which was attended by RJNDC Commandant and Directing Staff. An expanded discussion  occurred during the lecture which the guest speaker answered questions and queries of the scholars.