The prime minister lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The prime minister lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College

 The Prime Minister Dr. Hani Mulki said that the kingdom, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II was clear and evident condemned the decision by the President of the United States of America to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, constituting a breach of international law

The resolution violates the resolutions of international legitimacy which combine without ambiguity 837, that Jerusalem is an occupied city, and that all actions and measures taken by Israel in Jerusalem, since its occupation in 1967, are null tardy impact politically and legally, as well as this dangerous and completely undermine the prospects for a resumption of peace negotiations

The prime minister also assured that Jordan would not budge fixed position toward the Palestinian issue" that stress always as the central issue, and deal with them as a purely national issue, there will not be any retreat our or our just the embodiment of the two-state solution, whereby the independent Palestinian state, and Sovereign, on the lines of June 4, 1967, with its capital in East Jerusalem, in application of the international legitimacy resolutions, with a view to implementing the Arab peace initiative, which is supported by two thirds of the countries of the world

The prime minister said in a lecture he delivered on Wednesday in the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, the lack of justice in Palestine, the forward, bridging the unilateral measures contrary to international law and the resolutions of international legitimacy, would not only undermine the security and stability of the region, but certainly contribute to feed the feelings of frustration and anxiety, which strengthens the negative climate appropriate to the work of the gangs of terrorism and extremism, which exploit these conditions to attract supporters, and the implementation of the criminal plans

He drew the burden that Jordan initiated immediately after the role of the resolution, to convene an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo last week, "We have an emergency coordination for an Islamic summit in Istanbul a few days ago, emerged from Arab and Islamic consensus on the need to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine

He confirmed that his majesty the king and has high standing, and respect for the regional and international arenas, led an intensive diplomatic activity, led to the formation of a strong international position is clear, to curb the effects of this resolution, and earn an international consensus against him, " we have succeeded to a great extent

"Our efforts continue in the same momentum and consistency, the same resolve and determination, on the basis of absolute faith in that we are closest to the brotherly people of Palestine, we spread in the blood of the martyrs and the righteous sacred territory, in Bab El Oued and altron Speaker, and watchful door and the Damascus Gate and other Jordanians, we continued to defend Jerusalem, and Arabism, they courageously defended the Islamic and Christian its sanctuaries, and the blessed Al Aqsa Mosque/Al-haram Al-sharif, the first qiblah and the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the trusteeship of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the care of the historical SANCTUARIES, by His Majesty the King will continue this role so ably by musharraf, and determination, energetically do not diminish, we will address decisively any targeting of Islamic and Christian holy places."

He added that today we put the entire world, in front of responsibility to work toward a solution to the Palestinian issue and the realization of the two-state solution, through the elimination of unilateral decisions, and serious negotiations and committed to specific, within the framework of a clear timetable, covering all the issues of the final solution, especially Jerusalem, refugees, security, borders, water; in accordance with the international terms adopted, the resolutions of international legitimacy and the Arab peace initiative, and the interest of the Palestinian brothers, is consistent with the supreme Jordanian interests associated with these issues.

He pointed out that the decision of the US president has had a significant impact, and contributed to the creation of wide reactions on the level of the world," all noted the reaction of Jordanian and Arab, Islamic and international refusing this resolution, agencies of dangerous effects, and consequences consequences for international peace and security.

On the fight against terrorism, the prime minister stressed that our joint efforts with the international actors in addressing the bands of terrorism and extremism, and foremost terrorist gang wall, "we have achieved significant successes in defeating these gangs from lands seized in the brotherly countries, this must be done through immunization work to remove all the causes of the supply of these gangs by the arguments that have to justify committing crimes, including the factors of frustration derived from the lack of justice in Palestine, and the continued marginalization and exclusion and cancellation of the issue, which is the most important on the level of the whole world, not only at the level of the region".

He drew attention to the importance of paying attention to the various current issues, and push toward finding a political solution through the gate of the dialog, which brings together the various political spectrum, whether in Syria or Iraq or Yemen or Libya, and all the other countries that suffered from the scourge of violence and destruction, 1949-1950 bloody terror gangs, and aired the reasons for disagreement and separation.

Al-malqi confirmed that the big challenges ahead, emphasizing the need for the formulation of joint Arab action, the rules of true partnership, balance and keeping away from dependence, in order to face the challenges facing the Arab world, from this standpoint, we need to re-activate the system of joint Arab action, through the strengthening of the role of the League of Arab States, to achieve true partnership in the definition of the common risks, which threaten the Arab national security, and in the production of joint consensual approach on how to confront these dangers and participatory fact in decision-making, without prejudice to the pursuit of Arab States toward the promotion of the concept of the national state, without prejudice to the internal affairs of Member States.

He added that this requires maximizing the bilateral economic relations between the Arab States, and work hard to remove obstacles and barriers that restrict the movement of trade, trade in services, movement of persons within the Arab space, encouraging Arab investments between sister states; "All this would result in a network of common interests and real, in a way that enhances rightly the Arab world, and improve the economic and living conditions of his sons."

He said we are in Jordan, equally, who believe in the necessity and importance of woven and constructive relations with the regional neighborhood, and with the entire world based on the principles of good neighborliness, and fruitful cooperation between States on the basis of the Charter of the United Nations, we reject all forms of foreign interference in our internal affairs, or in the affairs of Arab States, we consider that the security and stability of each Arab state, the sister is an integral part of our national security.

At the same time, the economic resources in Jordan are limited, but he confirmed that the human resources and the energies of our people and resolve the bare sky, we impose challenges we face that we are strengthening our reliance on ourselves, because the path of self-reliance is the best solution to overcome the challenges that we face, and that this was a difficult challenge and requires time and effort is not insignificant.

He said: We have imposed new challenges to regional and international conditions, and not embrace the kingdom for more than 30% of the population, who provided by tensions and conditions experienced by the Arab Homeland in recent years, where we share with our brothers living among us our already limited, and this is what we have a lot of others.

He added: But the path of self-reliance, although difficult, but he fortifies prevented us violates corrects imbalances in the national economy, the all-mighty gradually from dependency on foreign aid, and here we are engaged in the implementation of the national program of economic reform, based on the principle of self-reliance, and seeks to achieve, through reform of the tax system, and combating the phenomenon of tax evasion, removing distortions that hit the sales tax without any positive impact on the economic growth figures, with support to the outstanding citizen and not a commodity, which is necessary for the protection of the limited-income classes and empowerment, to bear the burdens of living.

The prime minister said that he was under the actions taken in the first phase of the program install the ratio of debt to GDP, and reduce the public budget deficit, increase trade revenue, and earnings from the tourism sector, expenditure control, rationalizing consumption, the replacement of the concept of employment operating concept, investment in vocational and technical education and training to increase the opportunities for young people, and direct the implementation of the plan to stimulate economic growth aimed at achieving economic growth and contribute to the improvement of the standard of living of the citizens.

In parallel, we are proceeding with a comprehensive reform program , through which we seek to improve the level of services provided to citizens, in various sectors health, education and infrastructure services, in conjunction with a management reform program that seeks to develop the public sector and fight the fat And corruption, to continue to control government spending and to maximize the participation of citizens in determining the development priorities of their regions, through the decentralization councils.

He stressed that a new city project, absorbing the expected population growth of the cities of Amman and Zarqa, would soon be direct, pointing out that the project, as well as for the self-benefits to be achieved once it is achieved, the work will create new jobs, revitalize the construction sector and many Other economic sectors, with the assurance that this project will be built on land wholly owned by the public treasury, and will be implemented and financed by the private sector.

The current phase makes it imperative for us to work in a framework of genuine and full partnership between the authorities, and we are already committed to strengthening partnership with the Assembly of the nation, both notables and deputies, in full recognition that partnership is the way to overcome the challenges at this critical juncture, towards better prospects to our precious country.

The prime minister started his lecture to express pride in the Royal Jordanian National Defense College; this edifice of The Jordanian Arab who became - thanks to God Almighty - under the auspices of the follow-up and support his majesty the supreme commander of the Jordanian Armed Forces, and the perseverance of the leaders of the arab army, one of the most important monuments of military science, thought and strategic studies on the level of the region and the world.

He confirmed that we will spare no effort in maintaining this edifice location, and to remain a beacon of military sciences and strategic studies, draw of the sons of the arab army, military cadres of sisterly and friendly countries, the cadres of the Jordanian administration.

It was a dialog in which the prime minister answered questions raised by the students in the National Defense College Command and Staff College on a range of issues on the local, regional and international arena.

In response to a question on the report of the Accounting Diwan, the prime minister pointed out that the report of the Accounting focus as a whole and the priorities of the financial and administrative irregularities that may be corrupt or negligence or failure to follow instructions, confirming that all these cases are rejected and unacceptable to be in the public administration.

He pointed out that the government formed a committee last year to settle the correction of irregularities contained where placement to the house where the corruption issues and the fact that the house of the owner of the power transfer as guest settlement of the recovery of money and amounts obtained for employees in the public administration and issued sanctions and instructions on administrative violations and abuses.

He pointed out that the government will be involved with the Finance Committee in the house, including take decisions to transfer cases and irregularities either correction or to fight corruption, adding if our consideration of the report of the divan of the year 2016, the Excesses of corruption has little.


In response to a question, the prime minister said we are an Arab nation, we have to be aware that our alliances must transcend any alliance, confirming that there is no contradiction between the national interests of the country interests, the fact that the national interest and strengthen the country interest and not weaken it.

He drew the burden the speech of His Majesty the King in Istanbul last week his majesty's confirmation that Arab harmony and neutralize the differences is the realization of the right to return to normal, adding that the relations are not economic interests, but is the interest of the life existential and Arab states to deal in good neighborly relations with the countries of the region and not dominated by one State against another, confirming that this is the position of the Arab Jordanian national interest we must have appreciation.


The prime minister confirmed that what governs the relationship of Jordan with others is the Charter of the United Nations and the resolutions of international legitimacy, to which Jordan is fully committed, stressing that Jordan respects all international conventions signed by committed to and this is a source of pride for all of us.

The prime minister pointed out that this government will not leave the problems in all divisions of responsibility, indicating that the home is worth the sacrifice of all of us to skip the economic challenges and the desired development.

The Royal Jordanian National Defense College ordered Brigadier General Nasser Al-Maherat to welcome the name of college and student salaries and studies in courses, national Defense 15 and war 24, confronting extremism and first terrorism with the Prime Minister.

The importance of this meeting at this stage of the world in general and our region in particular transformation, cast a deep shadow over all political and economic fields. Social, which was the result of a dynamic and evolving that we all read it carefully to adapt to these changes to ensure that our national security Wthwabtna conservation values and our personality independent national and strengthen the network of relationships Wdblwmasytna players The flexible led by his Majesty the king to guarantee our supreme national interest