Minister of Energy and Mineral resources lectures at the RJNDC



Minister of Energy and Mineral resources lectures at the RJNDC

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Dr. Saleh Kharabsheh, said that Jordan is a secure and stable country with an intermediate strategic position in the region and a transit country is considered to transit regional energy projects in its territory to neighbouring countries such as oil and gas pipeline projects and electric linkage projects. He was speaking at the Jordanian National Defense College (NIF) on Tuesday, entitled "National Energy strategy and energy supply alternatives in Jordan" for scholars in the defense courses 14 and war 23

He added that Jordan has great and competitive potential from renewable sources of energy and has huge potential from oil rock sources, with Jordan as the state fourth in the world in terms of its possession of the sources of oil rock, the surface and deep oil reserves are estimated at over 70 billion tons.

The main challenges in the energy sector in Jordan are the lack of domestic sources of commercial energy and the dependence on imports where Jordan imports about 95 percent of its total energy needs in addition to the cost of energy imports, with the cost of energy consumed at 1924 million dinars in a year 2016 to account for more than 7% of GDP at current prices.

With regard to the exploitation of oil rock for electricity generation and production of irrigated oil, it was stated that the first plant for the generation of technology for the direct production of the oil palm, 470 MW (Eesti Energia  ) Estonian the project will be a factor in 2020. The government has also signed four concession agreements for the production of oil with global companies through surface distillation or distillation in the reservoir, and some companies will start production in the year 2020.

The Ministry has been working to rationalize energy consumption and increase efficiency by pursuing the implementation of the national strategy for rationalization and improving the efficiency energy through the energy rationalization and renewable Energy Fund in addition, the renewable Energy and Energy Rationalization fund has been established with a view to promoting the exploitation Develop renewable energy sources and improve energy efficiency in various sectors.

The Ministry is also preparing technical and economic studies and providing technical support and soft loans for energy efficiency improvement projects in the sector and projects to exploit renewable energy sources, especially for those with limited income, associations and remote areas.

in the end of lecture , in presence of Brig. Nasser Al-Mheerat and Directing staff there was an extended discussion which guest speaker answered the scholars questions.