Minister of Social Development lecturing at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


Minister of Social Development lecturing at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College

The Minister for Social Development, Ms. Hala Besoso, said today in a lecture at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College entitled "Social development policy and assess government effectiveness in combating poverty and unemployment" that the ministry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and International cooperation, is leading a problem team From the Government, civil society organizations and the private sector to update a national social protection and anti-poverty strategy for the years 2018-2025, with a view to to establish a general and holistic framework for the protection of Jordanian citizens in all matters related to the concept of social protection and at the level of the individual and the family.

The Ministry is endeavoring to promote social development and improve the quality of life of members of society through the formulation of social policies and legislative frameworks., the use of information and knowledge to provide distinctive social services, and the strengthening of existing local and international partnerships On an evolving institutional structure and specialized and qualified human cadres that promote the process of sustainable development

With regard to the national aid Fund, 63 per cent of the fund's beneficiaries were elderly people, permanent invalids, disabled persons and orphans. These groups cannot be integrated into the labor market.

With regard to the services of the Ministry of Social Development related to the fight against poverty and unemployment, she stated that the Ministry provided direct services through the loans of productive family enterprises, building, buying and maintaining housing, registering associations, granting development projects to associations, and cash and in-kind subsidies. Indirect services, which include residential care for children without family and evening bond, and juveniles out of law, battered and vulnerable women, people with multiple mental disabilities, beggars, victims of human trafficking and the elderly.

Stressing that the main challenges facing the Ministry are the increasing demand for welfare and social protection services as a result of Syrian asylum and the situation in the region and the emergence of some social problems such as: breakdown of family bites, early marriage, human trafficking, violence against women, begging, extremism Terrorism, coupled with weak coordination between institutions working in the field of social protection, civil society organizations and the private sector, and the modest financial resources available, have been increased by 9.15 million dinars for 2017.

In addition to the difficulty of working on the precautionary approach, integrated service frameworks, increased pressure on families and the family system and the infiltration of some extraneous values.

In the end of lìcture , in presence of Brig. Nasser Al-Mheerat and Directing staff and the scholars in the defense courses 14 and war 23 there was an extended discussion which guest speaker answered the scholars questions.