Hussein Hazza majali lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College parliament Assigned in


Hussein  Hazza  majali lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College parliament Assigned in

Al Majali said that the security challenges faced by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan can be divided into internal and external challenges. It was previously easy to separate these challenges, which has become difficult in a time of globalization as these challenges become intertwined.

This came during a lecture today at the Royal National Defense College entitled "The Regional Situation and its Implications for the Jordanian National Security" for the scholars in the defense courses 15 and the war 24.

Majali said that the main external challenges facing Jordan are the return of the world's polar forces with the emergence of new regional forces in addition to the internal disorder in the countries of the region with their political, economic and security reflection in the region and the modest economic performance in the region, which led to a deficit in the budgets of countries. To the religious, sectarian and ethnic orientation in some countries of the region such as Syria and Iraq, the development of electronic space and world media, which made the world a village, as well as the Palestinian issue the old issue, which has moved away from the priorities of leaders in the world Arab crisis because of the crises experienced by countries in the region with the exception of the Jordanian leadership, which considers it a fateful issue, it has not lost its mind

Majali said that the issues of poverty, unemployment and social disintegration are among the most important internal challenges facing the society, in addition to the rule of law, the big gap, the state of mistrust between the state and the citizen, the spread of extremism, the spread of media chaos and the widespread of electronic space.

In the end of lecture , in presence of Brig. Nasser Al-Mheerat and Directing staff there was an extended discussion which guest speaker answered the scholars questions.