"decentralization in Jordan between reality and ambition and strategic aspirations" at RJNDC


"decentralization in Jordan between reality and ambition and strategic aspirations"  at RJNDC

A seminar entitled "decentralization in Jordan between reality and ambition and strategic aspirations " was held at RJNDC to the scholars of Defense course 15 and War course 24 on Wednesday.

Dr. Hazem Qoshoat former Minister of Municipal Affairs, Dr. Ali Al-Khamaam, the Ministry of Political Affairs and Parliament and Mr. Shehada Abu Hadib former Minister of Municipal Affairs participated in seminar aimed to establish a mature understanding to future policy makers and statesmen waiting around the concept of decentralization and philosophy and its types. They also discussed the highlights of both positive and negative barriers that may object to its implementation and its success requirements in Jordan. In addition, its role in promoting community participation as an active tool for decision making.

They also introduce and discuss foundations and underpinnings that contributed in building of decentralization in Jordan considering that decentralization is a pillar of reform of the administrative and political status in different countries. Those foundations and underpinnings are seen as a result of democratic practice development and popular participation therein.

The seminar included several axes " Decentralization - Philosophy and Methodology' , " Decentralization - Structural and Regulatory Constraints" and "Decentralization - Theoretical Basis and the Applied Framework".

In the end of lecture , in presence of Brig. Nasser Al-Mheerat and Directing staff there was an extended discussion which guest speaker answered the scholars questions.