The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Lectures at RJNDC


The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Lectures at RJNDC

On Tuesday, Minister of planning and international cooperation Eng Emad Fakhouri said that strategic planning is an organized  process to select the best possible solutions to reach specific objectives in light of the available means and resources during a specific period of time. This came during his lecture entitled "strategic planning of economic development in Jordan and the economic and social transformation program" " at RJNDC to the scholars of Defense course 15 and War course 24.

Noting that Jordan continues in reform process which is led by His Majesty King Abdullah II -may Allah preserve him- in implementation of his reforming and development programs and plans in which government this year has approved and commencement the implementation of the plan to stimulate economic growth for the years (2018-2022). This plan aimed to restore the momentum of economic growth, stimulate investment and the exploitation of the possibilities available to enhance the process of development.

He added, we need in the next decade to make a shifting in economic and social development of the kingdom toward a new paradigm stimulates all Jordanians to participate fully and with a high sense of responsibility to achieve future that we want for ourselves as citizens, our families and our children.

He emphasized on working to develop economic situation in which it must be based on a number of different sectors. Jordan base on its small domestic market should become one of the main regional economic gates through Jordan's impatience to direct surroundings of regional market as a primary base and free trade agreements which Characterized by Jordan Certified to Export Economy.

In addition to the focus on the concept of clusters as an effective method for economic development, this technique attempts to exploit comparative advantages to Jordan. It also links different clusters to reach effective and integrated economic pattern.