The minister of information affairs lecturing at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The minister of information affairs lecturing at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College

The Minister of information affairs and state for the government spokesman, Dr. Mohammad al-Moumani : "The media is an important part and an essential lever for the development of Jordanian society and its institutions and the achievement of its goals by development and prosperity.

Al- Moumni said during today's lecture, at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College entitled "media policy in Jordan and its relationship to national security" That Jordan is one of the best models that have succeeded in transforming the committed media system to serve as a bridge to the strength of the society and the state, its unity and its prevention in facing challenges.

Al-Moumani added that what distinguishes us in Jordan is our prudent and moderate policy, the professionalism of our military and security institutions, the awareness of our citizens and their belonging to their homeland, as well as our solidarity with the challenges facing the country. The national interest is a key factor in the success of our march towards reform and the consolidation of the causes of security, prevention and stability.

He pointed out that the Jordanian State had embarked on the organization and development of the information sector consciously, civilizational and openness,  and in such a way that it could deliver a message embodying values of Jordanian society, protect its supreme interests and preserve the social fabric and national unity, thus contributing to the strengthening of our inner forehead.

Jordan has three levels to deal with the information subject: the political and professional level, the legal level through law enforcement-related institutions, as well as the level of security through the cybercrime unit.

He pointed out that the misuse of social media had became influential  to destabilize societies, and broadcast band, and stressed the need to intensify the social awareness of the dangers of rumors and news chips are traded frequently, especially during the crisis, the need to use these sites to be in the public interest, the good of the people not to broadcast band of bigotry and hate speech

At the end of the lecture, which was attended by the commandant, the Chairman and directing staff , an extensive debate took place, during which the Minister answered questions and enquiries of scholars in the two courses the defense/15 and War/24  and the  program for the master of face intellectual extremism 1