Al-Hawatmeh: Jordan is able to meet the challenges by dint of his Hashemite leadership


Al-Hawatmeh: Jordan is able to meet the challenges by dint of his Hashemite leadership

The Director general of the Gendarmerie, Major General Hussein Muhammad al-Hawatmeh, confirmed that Jordan is able to meet the challenges by dint of  his Hashemite  leadership. and a secure system based on complementarity and harmony between the armed forces and other security services.

In a lecture at the Royal National Defense College on Monday, entitled "Strategy and location of the gendarmerie forces in national security", he said that the gendarmerie and by dint to the attached support of The majesty of the commander in chief, King Abdullah II   ,  had been able to promote optimal compliment the capabilities , through the philosophy of combining the considered planning, implementation capacity under the good use of available resources

He added that political and social variables on the regional and international arenas have overshadowed the security reality in the Kingdom, and add new security challenges especially in the face of terrorism and bear the burdens of asylum, which required to deal with these challenges security strategies is aware of the reality of the variables.

He explained that sustainable security can only be achieved through a national partnership based on the integration between all institutions of the state, confirming that the relationship of cooperation and coordination between the armed forces and the security services effectively to enhance national security through a sequence of duties and roles on all levels, operational and tactical strategy, in accordance with the vision of the lofty monarchy in this field.

And Major General Al-Hawatmeh indicated the most important security duties undertaken by the gendarmerie, pointing out that its work was not limited to traditional security aspects and even more comprehensive dimensions that address economic, humanitarian and social aspects.

He addressed many of the achievements of the Gendarmerie at the international level as one of the largest contributors to the international peacekeeping forces at the level the world, and its chairmanship of the international organization of the police and gendarmerie of military character (Fiep) during the year 2017, which came to reflect the professionalism The Gendarmerie and meet all international security standards, in particular its commitment to the principles of impartiality and respect for human rights

In the end of the lecture , which was attended by Commandant of  RJNDC, and the guidance, staff major general Alhwatmeh responded to questions from the scholars