President of the Audit Bureau lectures at RJNDC


President of the Audit Bureau lectures at RJNDC

Dr. Abd  Kharabsheh said that Jordan is considered one of the most stable countries in the region. It is like other economies in the world, especially the economies of the region which are operating in an unstable international and regional environment.

This came during a lecture at RJNDC on Tuesday titled "The National Economy and its Role in Defense", in the presence of the Brigadier General Nasser Mohammad Al Muheerat, directing staff and scholars of defense course 14 and war course 24.

He pointed out that the economic reform efforts adopted by the government during the last few years have resulted in enabling the national economy to respond flexibly with the negative repercussions resulting from the deepening political and economic turmoil in the region which have greatly affected the performance of many important economic sectors.

In the end of lecture, an extensive discussion of scholars' questions was answered by speaker guest .