Seminar on Therapeutic Policy in Jordan and Performance Assessment for Jordanian Medical Institutions


Seminar on Therapeutic Policy in Jordan and Performance Assessment for Jordanian Medical Institutions

The participants discussed in the seminar "Therapeutic Policy in Jordan and Performance Assessment for Jordanian Medical Institutions" organized by RJDNC today for the students in the defense course 15 and war course 24..

The seminar, which was attended by the Director General of Royal Medical Services, Major General Moin Al Habashneh, Dr. Lail Mohammed Al Fayez, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health and Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association, Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, discussed Jordan's policy in public and private sectors, medical policy in Jordan and medical policy in the Jordanian Armed Forces.

Dr. Lail Al Fayez said that the ministry seeks to create a healthy society through an integrated health system that works fairly, efficiently, high quality and pioneer at the level of the region, in addition to providing preventive and curative health services and carrying out the organizational and supervisory role on services related to the health and safety of citizens. And in active partnership with relevant authorities within a comprehensive health policy.

Major General Moin Habashneh referred to the great role played by the Directorate of Royal Medical Services in order to upgrade the level of treatment service provided to the patients in all hospitals and affiliated centers in the various governorates in the Kingdom.

Royal Medical Services  has become a leading medical center in the region and the world through high royal directions and Jordanian Armed force supports. Royal Medical Services has increased its medical and therapeutic level, representing unique medical achievements witnessed by the whole world through good management, planning, performance methodology and professionalism.

In addition to the contribution of the Royal Medical Services in pushing the national economy like other institutions of the country by contributing to the development of medical tourism in the Kingdom thanks to the medical development and treatment service provided to patients from neighboring countries whose patients are received at the International Bureau established in Al Hussein Medical City to facilitate the task of non-Jordanian patients and treat them in medical services according to the highest level of treatment services and international standards.

Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri said that Jordan has succeeded in building an integrated health system despite the limited resources and excellence of many countries in the world in providing health care and achieved medical successes that made a good reputation and enabled to become the first treatment in the region.