The Minister of Culture lectures at Minister the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


on Tuesday, the Minister of Culture, Dr. Haifa Al-Najjar, delivered a lecture for scholars in the defense course at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, entitled "Jordanian Culture between the Benefits of Globalization and the Requirements of National Security", in the presence of the College's Commandant, Brigadier General Azzam Al-Rawahneh, and the Chairman and members of directing staff. The Minister of Culture said: "It is the Royal Hashemite vision that defined the features of our contemporary culture and identity towards change in lifestyle, adaptation and cultural transformation, and we look forward to the Arab Army with pride and pride as an essential pillar of the story of steadfastness in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which is the pulse of our culture, and it is our true creativity." When preserving the state and its capabilities, borders and security. Al-Najjar stated that Jordanian culture is supportive of democratic transformation, change and modernization, as reform, change and democratization are a political, social and intellectual system that has its own national culture, which is our Jordanian culture and identity first, and Arab nationalism second, and international and humanitarian at the same time. The Minister of Culture added, "We proceed in the ministry from the concepts of excellence, innovation and creativity in presenting our Jordanian cultural project to place it on the global culture map," calling for combining the two poles of modernity and originality, while preserving the national cultural identity. Culture as a concept is related to our universal human concepts that are based on Plurality, diversity, excellence and creativity. Al-Najjar indicated that Jordan constituted a model for benefiting from globalization and its opportunities in a way that is compatible with our Jordanian cultural project in its national and Arab dimensions, stressing that we have many opportunities to develop culture and encourage youth to invest in culture, which requires protecting cultural products, specifically protecting them from unfair external competition. The Ministry is also ready to support any creative initiative of our young men or women in the artistic scene. The Ministry builds on foundational achievements that began since the first centenary. The Minister of Culture stated that the Ministry has taken wide and confident strides during its tenure in serving the cultural sector, especially in the last ten years. on strengthening it. At the end of the lecture, an open dialogue took place during which the minister answered the scholars' questions and inquiries.