The Minister of Social Development lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


On Monday, the Minister of Social Development, Wafa Bani Mustafa, delivered a lecture at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College entitled: "The Ministry of Social Development and its Role in Preserving Jordanian National Security" for the students of the 20th National Defense Course, in the presence of the College Commandant, Brigadier General. Azzam Rawahneh and the Chairman and members of the directing staff. The minister said, "We derive from the royal directives the importance of integrating roles and intensifying efforts in preserving a society where security, peaceful coexistence, and societal stability prevail in order to continue the development process in a stable and secure society, where a person's sense of security and tranquility in homelands is a catalyst for belonging, giving, work, and production." Bani Mustafa indicated that Jordan has a long experience with programs designed to protect its citizens, enable them to meet basic needs, and enhance their ability to deal with risks that lead to poverty by expanding the scope of social protection programs and launching the national and sectoral strategy to ensure a decent life for citizens. The minister added that the ministry has been implementing several social protection programmes, meeting the needs of the recipients of its services and ensuring its access to all vulnerable and vulnerable groups in an integrated and participatory manner with its implementation partners in order to improve the quality and quality of its services. Bani Mustafa indicated that the Ministry, in its policies, strategies and programs, represents the social system that is part of social and national security, as it seeks to improve the quality of services provided to both sexes, Jordanians and non-Jordanians, according to best international and national practices in providing quality services to beneficiaries that guarantee them human dignity and the fulfillment of commitments. international law ratified by Jordan, especially those related to human rights, which lead to social solidarity, peace and community security. On the Ministry's strategic plan for the years 2022-2026, Bani Mustafa said: "This plan comes in line with the national and international agenda and the goals of sustainable development, as it was keen to set its priorities in line with the national context, the national agenda, and visions of political and economic modernization and the public sector," stressing that the ministry is keen on Studying society and knowing its variables, especially with the speed of change, the introduction of the digital world, and openness to the world, which required the development of a modern social vision. At the end of the lecture, an extensive discussion took place during which the minister answered the scholars' questions and inquiries.