The Bar Association lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


On Monday, the Head of the Bar, Lawyer Yahya Abu Abboud, delivered a lecture at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College entitled "Civil Society Institutions and Their Role in Protecting Jordanian National Security" for scholars in the 20th Defense Course In the presence of the college commandant, Brigadier General P.S.C. Azzam Al Rawahneh, and the head and members of the college’s directing staff The Bar Association said: “The institutions of the national society, foremost of which are the professional associations, are among the most important institutions that contribute to the protection of comprehensive national security, and the management of justice, health, works and food facilities. This is the goal”, pointing out that professional syndicates are a house of expertise from which the state benefits in all fields, especially the Bar Association, which works to achieve independence for the judiciary and implement the constitution and state laws in all fairness, integrity and transparency. Judicial authority, as well as providing expertise and technology on which judicial rulings are based that reinforce the principle of justice as the basis of kingship. The Head of the Lawyers' Syndicate affirmed that national security occupies a wide space in the minds of states, and that the extent of the ability to provide it indicates the success of the state's policy and the ability of its agencies to achieve the set strategic and tactical objectives, as a large part of its objectives is determined by considerations of national security. The Bar Association indicated that there is a separation between trade union and social work from partisan work because parties come within the institutions of political society, and that trade unions cannot be classified as civil society institutions except through the tasks they carry out outside the scope of organizing the profession, participating in the management of the public utility and otherwise. It participates with other civil society organizations in the activity. At the end of the lecture, the guest answered the scholars' questions and inquiries.