The Minister of Government Communication lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


Minister of Government Communication, Government Spokesman Faisal Al-Shboul said: "The creation of the Ministry of Government Communication is one of the achievements of the roadmap to modernize the public sector, which the government is currently working on, along with the political and economic modernization tracks." Today,During his lecture at the Royal National Defense College entitled "The Role of the Media in Formulating National Policy", Shboul stressed that the creation of the ministry comes in response to the great development in the field of human communication, which contributed to the development of the media, in addition to the increase in the base of Internet users and the spread of communication sites. social. The Minister of Government Communication clarified that the ministry is concerned with developing a general policy for information and communication at the national level, while following up on the implementation of this policy, and ensuring that official media institutions, especially government ones, carry the state’s message, especially within the three paths of political, economic and administrative modernization, which will last for ten years. Which we are currently working on the implementation of the first stages in each of them. Shboul added: "We are concerned with the return of the state media to lead the public debate on various national issues, stressing that the national media in all its forms are carrying out their duties in carrying the state's message and defending its positions." The Minister of Government Communication stressed that the government is committed to preserving the freedom of the media, but rumors, false news, hate speech, extremism, violating people’s sanctities and other violating practices do not fall within the scope of media freedom and in all international legislation, and they must be confronted and by law, stressing the importance of distinguishing between Media that practice objective and constructive criticism, and social media that are not subject to the same laws and charters. Al-Shboul pointed out that Jordan’s effort at the level of the League of Arab States to organize dealings with major international media companies in accordance with global experiences that preceded us in this field, and we will present a clear vision for the Arab League at the end of this month, stressing that this effort is based on the European experience in this regard, as That a local team will visit Germany to learn about the German experience in regulating the relationship with social media. At the end of the lecture, an extensive discussion took place, during which the Minister answered the attendees' questions and inquiries.