Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates lecturing at the National Defense College


Strategy to Support Jordan's Positions at the International Level", in the presence of the college's commander, Brigadier General Azzam Al-Rawahneh and members of directing staff. During the lecture, Al-Safadi stressed that the Kingdom proceeds in its foreign policy from fixed and clear principles, aimed at serving the Jordanian national interests within a holistic definition that realizes that the Jordanian national interest is linked to building close relations with our Arab world and the world, and coordinating with everyone in order to build conditions of security and stability to achieve the best for our citizens and provide A secure future for all. afadi stated, "We want a secure and stable region because we realize that achieving this security and stability is the basis for development and building this future, and that achieving it requires systematic cooperation with our brothers in the Arab world and our partners in the international community, and that we face many political and security challenges in the region, which have economic repercussions." And humanity is upon us and others, and we are working within a methodology in order to contribute to solving these crises.” Safadi reviewed the latest regional and international developments, especially the Palestinian issue, and the efforts aimed at finding a real political horizon that would allow for a return to serious and effective negotiations to achieve a just and comprehensive peace that everyone hopes for on the basis of the two-state solution, in accordance with international law, international legitimacy resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative. At the end of the lecture, an open dialogue took place, during which Safadi answered the scholars' questions and inquiries.