Graduation of participants in the national strategic planning program for middle government leaders


The three-day program aimed at knowing the methodology of national strategic planning, designing national policy and building national strategies, in addition to identifying the elements of the comprehensive state power, and the applications of the specialized strategy, which targets the category of employees in the position of department head and branch head in ministries, government agencies and independent institutions. The college commander said: “Conducting such courses comes in line with the college’s vision and mission of preparing and qualifying elected leadership elements from the civil and military sectors in strategic studies affecting Jordanian national security to work in senior leadership positions, as the participants are a selected elite of various state institutions. Pointing out that such programs are a translation of the royal visions in developing the human resources strategy and integrating the thinking of the various sectors of the state in an integrated manner through the Royal Jordanian National Defense College. It is noteworthy that the National Defense College is interested in preparing leadership elements from the various sectors of the state (military and civilian) by studying and analyzing the basic elements affecting national security, qualifying elected officers from the Jordanian armed forces and brotherly and friendly countries to occupy important and prominent positions in times of war and peace, and educating leaders The various countries in the country in the field of national security and the state’s strategy, and conducting strategic studies on issues related to national security in the current circumstances.