The Chief Justice lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


Sheikh Al-Rabta said: “moderation is one of the legislative foundations and the major universal principles in our true religion, which constitute the theory of legislation and its general goal, as it is one of the greatest features of this nation. Whatever goes against the law is inclined towards moderation, for it is on an authentic and well-established approach.” The judge stressed that moderation is the way to achieve the strength of the homelands, for the middle in anything is the center of power, and that thought and legislation with its moderation, justice and balance represent the strength of argument, strength of evidence, strength of logic, strength of law, strength of submission to it, clarity of vision and firmness of the idea, which leads to the unity of society behind its leadership, the closeness of its ranks and the rejection of Nervousness, hatred, destructive strife and convergence of ideas, as moderation gives the wide space in which the various problems of society converge. Sheikh Al-Rabtah indicated that one of the most prominent practical examples of the effects of moderation and its standards is the Jordanian Personal Status Law, whose articles were characterized by its commitment to the principles of truth, justice and virtue and the realization of the concept of moderation in it. Several legal committees, specialized institutions, scholars, professors and individuals enriched his interlocutor until it was approved in the form in which it was presented to the House of Representatives. He also added a development package compatible with Shariah rulings At the end of the lecture, an extensive discussion took place, during which the Chief Justice answered the scholars questions and inquiries.