On Monday, the Royal Jordanian National Defense College inaugurated a training course entitled "Strategic Leadership", in cooperation with the Near East Center for Strategic Studies (NESA), for scholars in the 20th National Defense Course, in the presence of the college's commander, Brigadier General Dr. Awad Al-Tarawneh and members of the directing staff. NESA academic lecturer Charles Marks said: “The mission of the Center for Near East and South Asia Strategic Studies is to enhance security in the Near East and South Asia by building sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships, promoting regional cooperation on security issues, and promoting effective communications, Strategic ability through free and frank interaction in an academic environment. He added that the center is working on holding educational courses in partnership with civil and military educational institutions such as the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, which works to focus the impact of globalization on regional strategic issues, the changing strategic environment and elements of strategic planning. The three-day course aims to introduce scholars to the basics of strategic leadership and strategic decision-making, and to focus on risks and crises, change leadership, and the role of strategic leadership.