His Royal Highness Prince El-Hassan bin Talal met scholars in 19th Defense Course


His Royal Highness Prince El-Hassan bin Talal met scholars in 19th Defense Course and Master of Studies in Combating Extremism and Terrorism 5 at RJNDC, in the presence of Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Yousef Al-Hunaiti, college’s commander, Brigadier General Dr. Awad Al-Tarawneh, number of senior officers, ambassadors of Arab and foreign countries and military attachés on Monday. During the meeting, His Highness stressed that knowledge and cultural affection are what drives societies forward, pointing out that the key to success in achieving new renaissance is the human being and the policies in which human being is the centerpiece. His Highness pointed out that no country in the Levant can dispense with policies based on evidence and absolute information as the challenges facing the region, from water scarcity, drought and environmental degradation to poverty, the rights and dignity of refugees and the reconstruction of countries torn by conflict can only be addressed on the basis of evidence especially in light of the overlap between these challenges. His Highness also said: "Today, more than ever, we urgently need a comprehensive matrix of peace law and an ethical system of human solidarity that reflects the values inherent in the collective human conscience," noting that the concept of peace must precede war, in order to preserve human rights, dignity and promotion. Prince El Hassan bin Talal noted the importance of having an institution to preserve and protect religious heritage everywhere. In addition, his highness renewed the call to launch an institution for zakat and human solidarity that serves everyone. At the end of the lecture, an extensive discussion took a place between His Highness, scholars and directing staff.