Opening of the National defense and war courses and the Master Counter-terrorism and Extremism program at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The head of operations and training opened Brigadier General Mesleh Maaytah today courses of national defense 15 and war 24   master counter- terrorism and extremism program 1 on Royal Jordanian National Defense College

Transfer of Brigadier General maaytah in a speech beginning the ceremony representative from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mahmud Abdel Halim freehat greetings and blessing of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to scholars for their choice to participate in these courses Which will enrich this rally scientific edifice and contributes to the diversification of knowledge and gain further expertise and cultures that benefit all participants.

Stressing the importance of this participation in the preparation and leadership of the statesmen, based on contemporary scientific foundations and consistent with national policies.


Emphasizing the importance of these sessions being held in the context of a strategic environment, the most rapid changes in variables and the difficulty of anticipating their effects and entitlements, it has directly influenced the strategies and foreign policies of States in the light of the escalating war On terrorism, which has become the common threat all countries and societies. This has necessitated the introduction of a master's program to combat extremism and terrorism in the college, which has come as a necessary requirement for environmental variables. Of the strategy and the spread of the phenomenon of intellectual extremism, especially among the youth group at the international and regional levels, making the program an advanced academic step.

In his turn, the mufti of the Jordanian armed forces, Brigadier-General Dr. Majid Al-Dresheh, considered that the military flag had become a necessity, especially in this era of rapid scientific development and so many requirements our wise leadership has been keen to establish the world's military scientific institutes, which have become beacons of knowledge, understanding and fields of pride and glory to the distinguished leaders of the military sciences 

Appreciative of the opportunity offered to learners in the Master of Terrorism and Extremism program, which is a golden opportunity for research, study and analysis the extrapolation is especially in the context of the storms of regional and sectarian strife, which are hitting our Arab and Islamic nation.

He stressed that the college has a great message in its performance, which is a vision of a visionary ownership of the future, the professionalization of the military and civil leadership and the excellence of positive decision makers.

The courses are attended by a number of officers from both sister and friendly countries, as well as by a number of officers of the armed forces, security services and staff of various ministries and institutions of the State.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Royal Jordanian National Defense College command and a number of senior officers of the armed forces and security agencies and military attaches of the participating States and the Chairman and members of the guidance in collage.