Minister of labor lectures at Royal Jordanian national defense collage


Stitieh said: " Ministry of Labor is considered the main regulator of labor market by setting necessary instructions to provide decent job opportunities to employ Jordanians inside and outside the Kingdom". He indicated that ministry seeks change stereotypical thinking of society towards professional work, enhance values and commitment in workplace. In addition, automate services in each of Ministry of Labor, Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission (TVSDC) and Vocational Training Corporation (VTC) Integration technology to develop current training tools. Minister of Labor indicated that Ministry of Labor is entrusted with evaluating and regulating labor market and contributing with other government agencies and private sector to provide productive opportunities that generate job opportunities for Jordanians according to a comprehensive national strategy that includes policies, programs, projects and procedures, which requires concerted efforts from all competent authorities. Stetiyeh explained that ministry aims, in partnership with private sector, to reach 60,000 job opportunities during years 2022-2023 through several programs and interventions - the most important of which is the National Employment Program. Stitieh stressed that National Employment Program seeks to strengthen partnership between public and private sectors, and to involve the private sector in the design of training and employment programs through training them at work sites, and this program targets age group between 18-40 years in all provinces and governorates of Kingdom. At the end of the lecture, an extensive discussion took place, during which lecturer answered scholars' questions and inquiries.