The former Minister of Justice lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense college


On Monday, former Minister of Justice Dr. Bassam Talhouni gave a lecture entitled "The Judicial Authority and its Role in Reducing Crimes and Their Impact on Jordan's National Security" for scholars in the 19th National Defense Course, in the presence of the College's Commander, Brigadier General Dr. Awad Al-Tarawneh, and the head and members of directing staff. Talhouni showed the clear and apparent interest in the judiciary and its independence within the provisions of the Jordanian constitution and the continuous support that the judiciary receives from all corners of the Jordanian state, especially His Majesty King Abdullah II, and he talked about the types and degrees of courts and the general role they play in maintaining security and confidence within society and applying the principle of the rule of law And the protection of capabilities and public money, referring to the continuous legislative and practical development of litigation procedures in light of the development and complexity of crime, and the emergence of new types of crimes other than the traditional ones that society knew in the past, which requires new tools in confronting them, in addition to an explanation of the general reasons for committing crimes and methods of prevention. Of which. Al-Talhouni stressed that reducing crimes is not limited to the judiciary, but that there are many institutions within the state concerned with supporting the judiciary, including the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Social Development and the Public Security Directorate. Citizens with this principle require all parties, especially law enforcement agencies, to ensure that the provisions of the law are applied to everyone without discrimination or selectivity, because applying the law in an uneven way would weaken people’s confidence in implementing the law and its importance and generate a feeling of frustration. Al-Talhouni clarified the role of the judiciary in protecting investment, as the judiciary established specialized economic chambers, pointing out that some provisions contained in the Economic Crimes Law and the conciliatory policy produced by the Jordanian penal system are among its provisions. Al-Talhouni showed the development witnessed by the judiciary through the introduction of technology and remote trials in litigation procedures, which were necessary, especially during the Corona pandemic, as evidenced by the large number of sessions that have been held to date, indicating the alternatives to community reform and its role in reducing the number of inmates in correction and rehabilitation centers, in addition to The implementation of the "electronic bracelet" is near as an alternative to the arrest, which was supposed to be implemented about a year ago At the end of the lecture, an extensive discussion took place, during which the lecturer answered the scholars' questions and inquiries.