The Director of the Standards and Metrology Institution, Eng. Abeer Barakat Al-Zuhair, gave a lecture entitled "The Strategy of the Standards and Metr


Al-Zuhair said: "Strategic planning comes to ensure optimal investment of resources, reduces risks, limits challenges, contributes to avoiding crises, defining responsibilities and organizing work to achieve sustainable development. It also improves coordination and teamwork, prevents conflict, maximizes interests for stakeholders, is a reference for decision-making, improves oversight and serves as a reference." Al-Zuhair added that the national goals that the Corporation contributes to achieving come from strengthening consumer protection mechanisms, raising the quality of Jordanian products in global markets, developing and improving trade facilitation procedures, in addition to enhancing transparency and accountability practices in public sector institutions and developing government services to meet the aspirations of Jordanian citizens. At the end of the lecture, an extensive discussion took place, during which the Director of the Standards and Metrology Organization answered the questions and inquiries of the students.