The President of the Hashemite University lectures at the National Defense College


On Thursday, the President of the Hashemite University, Dr. Fawaz Al-Zubun, delivered a lecture entitled “The Role of Official Universities in Strengthening Jordanian National Security” for scholars in the 19th National Defense Course, in the presence of the college’s commander, Brigadier General Dr. Awad Al-Tarawneh, and the head and members of directing staff. Dr. al zubun said that "National security is comprehensive security, which includes in addition to national security, economic, environmental, health, cultural, social, food and water security. National security is a necessity to achieve development, stability of society and the preservation of its existence. The President of the Hashemite University indicated that stability and development in the economic, social, political and environmental fields in societies is achieved through achieving comprehensive development to meet the challenges facing the state, leading to political stability related to achieving national security, which is based on the principle of integration, which constitutes the concept of modern national security. The doctor emphasized that universities play many roles that contribute to achieving national security by providing society with trained scientific competencies that carry knowledge and science that contribute to the development of community awareness, in addition to their pivotal role in achieving social, political and economic development and the consequential The state's ability to face challenges in various fields, both internally and externally.