The inauguration of the second strategic planning program at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


on Sunday, the Commander of the National Defense College, Brigadier General Dr. Awad Al-Tarawneh, inaugurated the second strategic planning program, which is organized by the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, within the parallel academic programs that are held annually for a number of sectors of the state. The five-day program aims to learn the strategic planning methodology and understand the Jordanian national security system and crisis management. It targets the category of employees in the position of head of department and branch head in ministries, government agencies, and independent institutions. The program consists of two phases and throughout the year. It indicate that the National Defense College is interested in preparing leadership elements from the various sectors of the state (military and civilian) by studying and analyzing the basic elements affecting national security, educating the various leaders in the state in the field of national security and state strategy, and conducting strategic studies on issues related to national security in current and future conditions.