Inauguration of Strategic Planning Program/1 at RJNDC


Commandant of RJNDC, Brigadier General Dr. Awad Al- Tarawneh, in presence of President of Civil Service Bureau Sameh Al-Nasser, inaugurated works of Strategic Planning Program/1 today, Monday, which is organized by RJNDC within the parallel academic programs that are held annually in its premises for a number of state sectors. College Commandant said: “The program comes in implementation of the royal visions by integrating thoughts of various sectors of state in an integrated manner and in line with the strategic vision of Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff through RJNDC in preparing and qualifying elected elements from the civil and military sectors in the field of strategic defense and security studies. Influencing Jordanian national security to work in senior leadership positions at the level of state administration and Jordanian Armed Forces. The program aims to know the strategic planning methodology and understand the Jordanian national security system and crisis management. It targets the category of workers in the middle management (heads of departments, directors of directorates in ministries and government institutions, administrators in Ministry of Interior and general secretaries). The program consists of two phases and throughout the year. It is noteworthy that National Defense College is concerned with preparing leadership elements from various sectors of the state (military and civilian) by studying and analyzing basic elements affecting national security, educating various leaders in the state, and conducting strategic studies on issues related to national security in current and future circumstances.