Graduation of the participants in the second phase of government leadership program at RJNDC


Commander of National Defense College, Brigadier General Dr. Awad Al-Tarawneh, in the presence of Director General of Institute of Public Administration, sponsored Thursday, graduation of the participants in the second phase of government leadership program (field training phase), which was organized by RJNDC in cooperation with Institute of Public Administration as a stage. The program organized by the institute, within the parallel academic programs that are held at the college annually for a number of sectors of the state. This phase of the program, which lasted for five weeks, aimed to contribute to providing a number of qualified employees who are able to assume senior leadership positions in ministries, institutions and government departments under the supervision of the Jordanian Armed Forces and in cooperation with Institute of Public Administration. This stage included academic and field training through which participants acquired leadership skills and practical experience, represented in creating a common understanding among state employees and how to accommodate the complementarity of roles for state institutions in the public and private sectors, to achieve stability through a comprehensive national security that includes all dimensions and elements of state power. Commander of the College, Brigadier General, Dr. Awad Al-Tarawneh, said: “Holding such courses is a response and translation of the royal visions in developing human resources strategy. The only way for proper implementation so that benefit would be stronger and more successful, especially since the participants are a select group of different state institutions who were able to prove their ability to form and organize the mechanism of joint action as a working team capable of understanding the dimensions and requirements of Jordan’s national security, formulating policies and contributing to them, formulating strategies and understanding the best method in art of promising leadership, decision-making, crisis planning and management, and scientific research. Brigadier Al-Tarawneh added that the importance of understanding the triad of stability for any country (planning, security, stability). A national umbrella of strategic awareness and national behavior and achieving integration and coherence in national activity through the formulation of legislation and policies commensurate with national goals, providing the conditions that preserve them, and providing an administrative body to efficiently implement the strategy. It is noteworthy that the National Defense College is interested in preparing leadership elements from the various sectors of the state (military and civilian) by studying and analyzing the basic elements affecting national security, educating the various leaders in the state in the field of national security and state strategy, and conducting strategic studies on issues related to national security in Current and future conditions