Former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources lectures at RJNDC


On Tuesday, former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Eng. Hala Zawati, gave a lecture at RJNDC entitled “The Mining and Mineral Resources Sector in Jordan” for scholars in 19th Defense Course, in presence of college’s commander, head and members of directing staff. Former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources said: “The mining sector in Jordan is one of the pillars of the Jordanian economy, as it plays an important role in strengthening the national economy along with the rest of the other economic sectors. tangible." Zawati indicated that Jordan is one of the largest producers and exporters of phosphates, potash, bromine, fertilizers and chemical acids in the world, and is the only Arab country in the production of potash, noting that the mining sector constitutes in most countries of the world their national economies, both in terms of financial revenues to the state or in terms of Employing manpower and developing local communities in areas where mineral ores are present, in addition to industrial growth if industries based on the use of these raw materials were established. Zawati confirmed that the government is currently adopting three paths to deal with investment projects in the exploitation of oil shale, which is the project of distilling oil shale in the ground (deep oil shale for oil production), distillation of oil shale by surface mining to produce oil, and direct burning of oil shale to generate electricity, and oil shale can also be used in the local cement industries. At the end of the lecture, an extensive discussion took place, which Zawati answered all the questions and inquiries of the audience.