Director General of Income and Sales Tax Department lectures at RJNDC


Director General of Income Tax, Dr. Hussam Abu Ali, at RJNDC, gave a lecture entitled "Income tax and its role in enhancing social security" for scholars in the 19th National Defense Course, in presence of commander, head and members of directing staff. Director General of Income Tax said, "The government has worked on tax reforms by setting the necessary legislative framework for this by addressing the gaps, distortions and imbalances, including the transfer price system, the executive instructions issued according to it, the income tax system for enterprises registered in development areas, and the executive instructions issued according to it, in addition to approving the forms to be filled out. From international companies and instructions for digital control of tobacco companies, indicating that a change has been made in the methodology of the Income and Sales Tax Department’s work in combating tax evasion by moving from relying on the principle of complaint to relying on data and information processing through a plan based on risk management. He pointed out that a code of functional conduct was approved, which leads to the independence, impartiality and professionalism of the tax auditor and raises the standards of the auditors in the tax department in accordance with international practices, which contributes to raising the efficiency of auditing, stressing that international standards have been adopted in the tax audit that is based on including all taxpayers within a sample. Auditing to raise audit efficiency and audit quality by focusing on auditing for differences rather than quantity. At the end of the lecture, an extensive discussion took place, during which the lecturer answered the scholars' questions.