The breakfast banquet for military retirees


The Royal Jordanian National Defense College on Monday set up a breakfast banquet for the military retirees, where they were greeted by the college ordered Brigadier General Nasser Mohamed al-Maherat and number of officers.

The Brigadier General gave a speech welcoming the distinguished guests, and conveyed to them the greetings of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lieutenant-General Mahmoud Abdel Halim Freihat, noting that the ceremony had been held under the direction of the public leadership to of the Jordanian armed Forces with a view to maintaining contact with retired military personnel who have never provided a compendium of their thinking and expertise to the units and formations of the Jordanian Armed Forces — the Arab army.

For their part, the retirees rewarded this good gesture from the general command of the Jordanian armed Forces-the Arab army. May Allah Almighty keep us safe, secure and stable under the shadow of the Hashemite leadership and Attendance led Maghrib prayer group