Orange Executive Vice President lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


Orange Executive Vice President Sami Samirat on Monday delivered a lecture entitled "The Role of Communications in National Security" For the scholars in 19th courses in the presence of a commander, president and directing of the college.. "The telecommunications industry has shifted from a service delivery industry to a large industry that is leading the economic transformation in the whole world, and it has become known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is led by data and artificial intelligence, which will control all economic aspects," Samirat said, adding that the presence of the fourth industrial revolution committed all institutions and sectors to pressure known as digital transformation, which imposed enormous challenges and threats on everyone on the subject of cybersecurity, forcing all institutions and governments to take care of the field of security. Cyber. "We need systems that can respond very quickly, which will be provided by 5G networks that will be able to respond to artificial intelligence systems, and digital computing will save waste in all aspects of life worldwide," he said, stressing that 40% of computing capacity is unused around the world, which are enormous, but if reused through cloud computing, we will be able to process the data systems it produces. world, and when we're able to address these systems we'll have the ability to know consumption patterns and predict what's going to happen. At the end of the lecture, an extended discussion took place during which the guest answered scholar’s questions and inquiries