Opening of the second government leadership program at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The second government leadership program, organized by the Royal National Defense College, opened Sunday as part of parallel academic programs held annually in a number of sectors of the country. The program aims to provide a number of qualified staff capable of assuming senior leadership positions in ministries, institutions and government departments under the supervision of the Jordanian Armed Forces in cooperation with the Institute of Public Administration. The second phase of the programme includes academic and field training in which participants acquire leadership skills and practical experience, namely, to create a common understanding among state officials and how to accommodate the complementarity of roles to State institutions in the public and private sectors, to achieve stability through comprehensive national security that encompasses all dimensions and elements of state power. "The role of the college is not limited to rehabilitation and training for military and civilians, but also to communicate with state institutions through parallel studies programs held at the college to serve national issues and make suggestions and recommendations on issues of concern to the country and the citizen," said The College's Commander, Brigadier General Dr. Awad Al-Tarawneh. He called for the use of opinions, ideas and views that will be raised in the meeting on a number of national issues, which will contribute to enriching the research and studies that the college will implement in the future. The four-week programme includes three phases: work learning, field training and international training, the most important of which are problem analysis, decision-making, how to deal with challenges and how to manage crises. It is noteworthy that the National Defense College is interested in preparing leading elements from different sectors of the state (military and civilian) through the study and analysis of key elements affecting national security, the qualification of elected officers from the Jordanian armed forces and brotherly and friendly countries to occupy important and prominent positions in times of war and peace, educating the various leaders of the state in the field of national security and state strategy, and conducting strategic studies on issues related to national security in the current circumstances.