Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Engineer Musa Al-Maaita confirmed that the government has approved amendments related to the electoral laws and parties and the constitutional amendments associated with them and will be sent to the House of Representatives as a matter of urgency for discussion during the next regular session in order to develop political and party life in accordance with his Majesty the King's visions in the bicentenary of the Jordanian state. During his lecture on Monday at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, Al-Maaita on "The Outcomes of the Royal Commission for the Modernization of the Political System", for scholars in the 19th Defense course in the presence of the college commandant Brig.Gen dr.awad al-tarawneh and the head of directing staff and directing staff in college. The importance of dialogue in reaching consensus between different points of view, so that it serves the desired goal and achieves democracy, pointing out that there is acceptance of the royal commission of different political forces, His Majesty the King within its results and directed the government to deal with it impartially and positively. The Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs gave a full explanation of the outcomes of the Royal Commission for the Modernization of the Political System; With regard to the draft election law, al-Maaita pointed out that there is a national list closed by 30% of parliament and a threshold of 2.5% in addition to the local lists distributed to 18 constituencies and a threshold of 7%, in addition to increasing the number of seats allocated to women and the possibility of young people and women reaching through parties through national lists and that the access of parties to parliament will be gradual in order to develop collective action, reviewing during his speech the draft law of political parties as the party register was transferred to the independent body These amendments included lowering the age of candidacy for elections from 30 to 25 years, ensuring that women and young people are genuinely represented in political parties and that an environment suitable for party work as a way to reach parliament is created. The Ministry had drawn up an operational plan to hold a number of dialogue sessions with young people and women in all provinces to inform them of the most important recommendations of the Royal Commission, particularly on young people and women, and would implement programs to empower and integrate young people and women into political life.