Secretary General of Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation lectures at the National Defense College


The secretary general of ministry of Planning and International Cooperation Marwan Al-Refaae in the Wednesday at rjndc gave a lecture entitled “Strategic Planning and the Mechanisms of Work of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation” for students in the 19th Defense Course in the presence of a commander, president and directing of the college. Al- Refaae said: "Strategic planning is an organized process for selecting the best possible solutions to reach specific goals in light of the material capabilities and available resources during a specific period of time, and that the ministry contributes to achieving a set of national goals, most notably achieving sustainable growth rates to ensure a good standard of living for all citizens ". The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation added that the ministry is constantly working to create an attractive investment environment capable of attracting foreign capital and encouraging local investments, in addition to achieving a developmental balance between governorates in light of applying the decentralization approach, improving the level of services provided to citizens and justice in their distribution, and maintaining On financial and monetary stability, controlling the budget deficit, building an efficient and low-risk financial system, reducing poverty and unemployment levels, and building an effective social protection system. At the end of the two lectures, a broad discussion took place. Al-Refaae answered all the question and inquiries from attendees