The Grand Mufti of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan lectures at the National Defense College


The grand mufti of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Khasawneh in Sunday gave a lecture in rjndc entitled “averageness and Islam “ to the scholars in defense course19. in the presence of a commander, president and directing of the college. Dr. Al-Khasawneh said: “averageness is one of the characteristics of the Islamic religion and the characteristics of Islamic law. The Islamic religion is the religion of tolerance, ease and love, and the moderate nation is the moderate nation. The world becomes more the nation tends to averageness, the more balanced and stable." He pointed out that the averageness of the Islamic nation is derived from the averageness of its approach and system. It is a middle approach to a middle nation, and an approach to moderation and balance, so there is no excess, no negligence, no exaggeration, no shortcomings, and that terrorism and extremism is a departure from the approach of the moderate center. The message of Oman came to fight it, And the call for pluralism, acquaintance, harmony and harmony, adding that all the purposes of Islamic law came to serve the five necessities that must be preserved, namely religion, human soul, mind, offspring and money At the end of the two lectures, a broad discussion took place. Al-Khasawneh answerd all the questioned inquiries from attendees