Mufti of the Armed Forces at the college of National Defense


Mufti of the Armed Forces Brigadier General dr.majd Al-drawsheh on Monday gave a lecture at royal Jordanian college defense for the scholars in 19th courses entitled (Islamic Perspective on International Relations between Nations) in the presence of a commander, president and directing staff of the college. Al-drawsheh said "In the Jordanian armed forces, we represent an extension of the Arab army, which is lined up with our ideological and religious heritage that stems from our Islamic religion, and that the Constitution of the Islamic religion is the Holy Quran, it is basically a constitution and a guide book for the people, and it has teachings and proofs that regulate all aspects of life,". Bointed out that Islamic law has established a clear approach to dealing with other nations, Islam is a religion of peace and good and does not allow war unless necessary, self-defense and protection of the state and order, adding that international relations in the light of Islamic law are based on several principles, the most important of which is equality of human rights and justice among residents of the territory of Islamic countries, and adherence to conventions and treaties agreed between states. At the end of the two lectures, a broad discussion took place which Brigadier General Al-Darwasheh answered the questions and inquiries of the audience.