A head of Parliament lectures at Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The head of parliament Lawyer Abd Al-menyem Al-odat in Tuesday gave a lecture, in royal Jordanian national defense college in titled “Parliamentary system and national policy design” to the scholars in 19th courses, in the presence of a commander, president and directing staff of the college. The head of parliament said that” National policy design or policy-making is closely linked to strategic thinking, planning and management processes, and to rational governance based on participatory, transparency and accountability”. He pointed out that the functions of the parliamentary system are based on two elements: legislation and control of the performance of the executive branch, and since the adoption and proposal of laws is linked to the National Assembly, the legal system is linked to the legislative rule, and also the executive system, which exercises its functions based on giving the government confidence from parliament makes it linked to the system based on separation and balance of powers, the parliamentary system is at the heart of the processes of designing or drawing national policies that operate based on legislation. The head of parliament stressed that the Jordanian parliamentary system has been and continues to be an active system in the structure of the state since its founding, and there has been no radical or sub-change or development in the public policies of the state, except that its legitimacy has been taken through the National Assembly, both at the level of legislation and control of performance. The head of parliament added that there are some factors that affect the overall performance of the state, the most important of which is the economic crisis that our country is going through, which has been exacerbated as a result of the Corona pandemic, which has negatively affected most sectors of national production, and raised poverty and unemployment rates, and this is an extended crisis that did not appear. All its consequences are yet to come, whether in Jordan, or at the level of the whole world, including the major industrial countries. Al-Awdat indicated that today we define the national goal in both economic and administrative reform, which cannot be achieved without reforming the administration and raising the efficiency of the state's public and private institutions in a way that contributes to solving our domestic problems and our external interests. At the end of the lecture, the head of parliament answered the questions of the scholars.