The Interior Minister Mazen Al-Farayah lectures at the Faculty of National Defense


The Interior Minister Mazen Al-Farayah said "The concept of security in general is based on the preservation of the state entity and the achievement of political, social and economic stability, a dynamic concept that develops with the development of circumstances according to many considerations and is closely linked to internal and external situations and variables." This came during a lecture at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, on Tuesday, entitled "The Ministry of Interior's Strategy to Maintain Jordan's National Security", for scholars at the 19th National Defense Course, in the presence of a commander, president and directing staff in college. Al-Farayah pointed out that the past three decades have witnessed the development and development of specialized units in the security services and kept pace with the development of society and its needs, such as community police, family protection and the strengthening of the security system in airports, hotels, tourist facilities and major commercial complexes, as well as fixed and mobile surveillance cameras associated with the command and control center in the Directorate of Public Security, which comes within the framework of preventive measures to maintain security and public order. The Minister of Interior pointed out that the most important pillars of internal security national unity, which is the basis of security and stability in the country, each of its position works within an integrated system through which it seeks to secure and protect the nation and society from all dangers, in addition to the foundations of the rule of law and maintaining economic and social security and consolidating the democratic approach and focusing on moderation and tolerance and rejecting extremist ideology and accepting the other At the end of the lecture, there was an extensive discussion during which the lecturer answered the questions of the scholars.