Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The minister of Education and minister of higher education and scientific research Dr.Mohammed khair Ahmad Abu kodais in gave a lecture in royal Jordanian national defence entitled "Educational Policy in Jordan and the Role of the Ministry of Education to scholars in the 19th National Defense Course, in the presence of a commander, president and directing staff in college . Dr. Abu kodais said "National security is seen as a system of forces, capabilities and choices that protect the nation from all foreseeable and potential dangers that can threaten the nation and its capabilities, stability, freedom of will and progress, and its social peace and comprehensive growth," pointing out that educational policies are the set of principles and rules that define the general framework of the educational system and reflect its philosophy, objectives and objectives within which its various institutions operate Educational policies also illustrate the relationship between the state's strategic orientations and plans and needs and the educational programmes, overlaps and initiatives that its educational institutions should implement. The Minister pointed out that education is a key pillar in building, sustaining and promoting comprehensive national security by creating and building a system of positive values, trends and practices, empowering students with advanced knowledge and skills, instilling loyalty, belonging, political and national education and citizenship, and in building a common public culture among members of society that protects and promotes national unity and creates an inclusive and one national identity. Dr. Al-Dr. stressed that there is a close strategic relationship between human resources and national security, security in its various dimensions, can only be achieved through the presence of qualified, trained and capable human resources, and educational institutions at all levels are concerned with building and developing the capacity of these human elements to achieve and maintain the strategic objectives of national security, where educational institutions play an active role in creating behavioural patterns among individuals serving the strategic objectives of national security. At the end of the lecture, there was an extensive discussion during which the lecturer answered the questions of the scholars.