Distribution of diploma certificates to students in the 18th Defence Course at the Royal Jordanian National Defence College


The Royal Jordanian College of national defense celebrated on Wednesday the distribution of Postgraduate Diploma Certificates to the students in the 18th National Defense course, in the presence of the dean of the College, Dr. Awad al-Tarawneh, and in the presence of the president and members of the college's guidance board.

During the ceremony, the diplomas of postgraduate studies in the management of national resources and Military Sciences and badges of the National Defense College were distributed to graduates of the National Defense course

At the end of the ceremony, the college commandant gave a guiding speech for the scholars, in which he invited them to complete their academic qualification on the advanced strategic concepts they had learned, hoping that they would reflect what they had learned, each in his position, and to be at the good thought of the Supreme Leader, calling them to dedicate themselves to serving their community and nation with the knowledge they gained.