Grand Mufti of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The Grand Mufti of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Khasawneh, gave a lecture at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College on Wednesday, entitled "The Impact of the Fatwa in The Fight against Extremist Ideology" for scholars in the 18th Defense Course. Dr. Al-Khasawneh said: "The fatwa is a statement and clarification of The Murad allah Almighty from the rhetoric of those in charge in their actions, and it needs jurists and hard-working people to be worthy of the fatwa, so it is not valid without knowledge, learning and knowledge of islamic sciences and the authorization of the competent scholars." Dr. Khasawneh pointed out that extremism is either a gloating or a breakdown in both of them, a departure from the moderate moderate approach, and both are misguided, and extremism is two types of extremism that is different from religion and seeks to exclude it from people's hearts and minds and to neutralize it from affecting their lives and societies. The second is the extreme understanding of religion, which is rigid and stubborn in dealing with its concepts and provisions, and Islam has forbidden both types and stressed in the denial of them, considering them extremists other than the Muslim syllabus, because they wanted to age Islam and stressed its duties. Dr. Al-Khasawneh stressed that the Fatwa Department is making great efforts to counter extremism, atonement and terrorism; At the end of the lecture the lecturer answered the questions of the scholars