the chairman of the investment authority ,fereidoun Hartouga ,delivered alectuer on investment promotion policies for scholars of RJNDC


He said that the current and future objectives of investment are to increase the effectiveness of the investment environment and investments and to enhance the suitability, financial sustainability and institutional capacity towards excellence and services seek to help the investor in all stages of the investment project to have needed licenses through a set of facilities and incentives, stressing on supporting Jordanian exports by holding exhibition, opening new export markets ,providing information on investment opportunity for growth and recovery for investments after the covid-19 pandemic by changing the structure of future jobs , creating new jobs that require high technical skills ,responding to economic ,cultural, social and technical changes, and the disappearance of number of traditional jobs, and by working to increase investment in human capital after the pandemic preparing youth for the future , improving learning outcomes and responding to the needs of labor market. At the end of lecture,discussion took place which chairman of the investment authority answered the inquiries of scholars.