Director of the Department of Statistics lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


On Wednesday, The Director of the Department of Statistics, Dr. Shaher Al-Shawabkeh , gave a lecture entitled "The Strategy of the Department of Statistics and its Impact on Jordan's National Security", for scholars of the 18th National Defense Course, in the presence of the college commandant, Chairman and members of the directing staff in the college. Dr. Shawabkeh said: “The Department of Statistics, according to the law, is the official body authorized to conduct censuses and surveys in the Kingdom, collect and publish demographic, social, economic, agricultural, environmental and cultural statistics, and develops the quality of the statistical data it produces, and it is responsible for issuing many indicators that are the main pillar. In policy-making and decision-making. " He added that the department seeks, through the implementation of the national strategy, to develops a national statistical system, with the participation of various public and private institutions that produce data, including developing statistical agencies that produce data in accordance with international standards, building unified national statistical databases, providing indicators that consider main and serving the Jordanian state through Providing as much of the pillers of making policies and making decisions as possible. At the end of the lecture, an extended discussion took place during which the lecturer answered the questions and inquiries of the scholars